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Below you will find the research questions and some resources for each of the topic areas. Don't forget to check the print materials available as well. Remember, you will need to cite your sources.

The Learning Center Works Cited Guide will help you.


  • What are the three basic kinds of coral reefs in the Caribbean?
  • How are coral reefs made?
  • What kind of life is found on a reef?
  • How are reefs endangered and what is being done about it?


  • Where is Curacao?
  • Briefly give some history of the island.
  • Share other points of general information (at least three things) your classmates might find interesting.
  • Curacao Travel Guides - Be sure toe explore the history and other links found at the top right of the page.
  • Bon Bini Curacao - The official web site of teh Curacao Tourist Board. Use the dropdown menu under Curacau Difference for information on history adn other information about the island.
  • CIA World Factbook Guide to Netherlands Antilles - Curacao is one of the five islands that make up the Netherlands Antilles, which is part of the Kingdome of the Netherlands.
  • Attila's Curacao Page - Overview of the island from a former resident, Attila Narin.


  • What is a hurricane?
  • How do hurricanes form?
  • Why do we name hurricanes?
  • Comment on the U.S. hurricane problem.
  • What should you do if a hurricane is approaching where you live? How do you prepare?
  • What are Hurricanes - This Exploring the Environment module discusses hurricanes. Be sure to check out the links on the left side of the screen.
  • Sky Diary KIDSTORM Facts about Hurricanes- Information about hurricanes illustrated with photographs of storms.
  • Hurricane Center - A resource from AccuWeather about the development of hurricanes, famous hurricanes of the past, and how hurricanes are named - look at the sections on the right side of the page for more information.
  • FEMA: Are You Ready?- A guide from the Federal Emergency Management Administration about hurricanes with a section on preparing for hurricanes - look especially at the take protective measures section.
  • Hurricane Exhibit - Online resources from the Miama Museum of Science.
  • Brain Pop Video about Hurricanes


  • What is malaria?
  • What causes malaria?
  • What are the symptoms of malaria?
  • How is malaria treated?


  • Describe the evolution and life cycle of a shark.
  • Describe the habitat of sharks.
  • What do sharks eat?
  • Comment on the likelihood of sharks attacking people.
  • Shark School - San Diego Natural History Museum resource on sharks. Be sure to check out the FAQ page and Shark Parts.
  • Shark - Fact Monster Encyclopedia article about sharks.
  • Sharks! - Myths and statistics about sharks from Fact Monster.
  • Island of the Sharks - A NOVA resource about sharks. Check out the World of Sharks and the Sharkmaster section
  • Brain Pop Video about Sharks>


  • Describe Mr. Taylor's life.
  • What other books has he written?
  • Give a SHORT summary of three of his other books that you think might interest your classmates.
  • Theodore Taylor - Theodore Taylor's home page.
  • Meet Theodore Taylor - A brief biography of Theodore Taylor and a listing of his novels from Houghton Mifflin.
  • NoveList - You need a username & password to access this site. Choose the NoveList database. Do a search for Theodore Taylor. You'll get a full list of the fiction he has written. Click on titles for book description, a biography, and links to other resources.